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          We will work with you as a true partner - not just a client - and provide interesting activities for pupils that will create a buzz around the school.

        • Chameleon

          Chameleon is a crime and law education program. Featured on ITV News, and validated by the studies of Bolton University, it helps children around the age of criminal responsibility to make better choices and become responsible citizens.
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        • School support services

          We offer friendly training and support for both pupils and staff; our extensive program of powerful, revitalising activities helps children to learn immersively. Use the buttons below to find out more.
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          Our aim is to take as much work off you by providing services that other data protection officers don't.

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        • Data protection services / DPO

          We offer a UK-based, personal service which includes audits, form filling, redacting, training for staff and so much more. Click below to see everything that is included.
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About Global Policing Limited

Formed in May 2015, Global Policing Limited provides training, data protection, consultancy, police and security related services.

Established in 2015, Global Policing works with organisations like yours to make the world (and your community) a safer place to live and work.

Founded by former Police Chief Inspector Shane Williams and his team of senior ex-Police Officers, we have developed our unique range of services around our own experience and the needs of our clients.

This means we are ideally placed to deliver training, provide data protection services and support you in other critical areas. With a huge amount of knowledge throughout our team in every area we work within, we aim to keep costs low and take as much work as possible off your hands. Our hands-on approach has made us the go-to provider for hundreds of organisations across the North-West and beyond.

We are also experts in teaching children about law, crime and citizenship. With Project Chameleon and our other classroom-based initiatives, we make a positive impact on hundreds of young people every week. It is our goal to secure funding which allows us to deliver this learning to schools free of charge.

We are passionate about meeting the needs of every organisation. We would love to hear from you, to talk about how we can help yours.

Global Policing Limited - Data Protection Officer

Data Protection

Global Policing Limited - Business support services

Business support

Global Policing Limited - All-inclusive training

All-inclusive training

Global Policing Limited - Independent advocacy


Global Policing Limited - School support services

School support

Our Values

  • Forging strong relationships as the foundation for meaningful business.

  • Building true partnerships, where the interests of all parties are considered equally important.

  • Giving respect to each other, appreciating differences in culture, know-how and ability.

  • Maintaining integrity in all of our business dealings.

  • Achieving excellence in delivery.

CEO of Global Policing, Shane O'Neill

Shane Williams