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          We will work with you as a true partner - not just a client - and provide interesting activities for pupils that will create a buzz around the school.

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          Chameleon is a crime and law education program. Featured on ITV News, and validated by the studies of Bolton University, it helps children around the age of criminal responsibility to make better choices and become responsible citizens.
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          We offer friendly training and support for both pupils and staff; our extensive program of powerful, revitalising activities helps children to learn immersively. Use the buttons below to find out more.
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          Our aim is to take as much work off you by providing services that other data protection officers don't.

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        • Data protection services / DPO

          We offer a UK-based, personal service which includes audits, form filling, redacting, training for staff and so much more. Click below to see everything that is included.
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Environmental commitment

Global Policing, as a consumer of resources, acknowledges its responsibility to future generations and is firmly dedicated to safeguarding the environment. This commitment entails preventing pollution, minimising resource utilisation, and reducing waste production.

Global Policing firmly believe that businesses hold the responsibility to uphold exemplary environmental practices and operate sustainably. Recognising our role in the global environmental challenges, we adopt business strategies that promote sustainable development and address climate change.

We expect all of our employees and sub-contractors to actively co-operate in implementing our environmental policy and ensure that their work is conducted with the utmost care for the environment, to the extent reasonably possible.

Global Policing holds itself accountable for fostering sound environmental management practices in all our projects and adventures to encourage our customers to demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.


Office recycling

Not all businesses recycle. It’s only a small effort but one we’re proud of.

Our website hosting

100% renewable energy match and a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Printed marketing

All of our flyers and booklets are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper.

Community spaces

Global Policing understand the importance of sharing the message of “taking care of our environment” during our work in schools. Our sessions with Key Stage 2 Pupils include an opportunity for schools to take part in activities that benefit their local area such as litter picking, planting, making bird feeders and producing signs to deter littering and promote recycling.

If you would like more information on our credentials please contact our environmental champion, Matthew Williams, on 0161 510 2999