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          We will work with you as a true partner - not just a client - and provide interesting activities for pupils that will create a buzz around the school.

          We offer friendly training and support for both pupils and staff; our extensive program of powerful, revitalising activities helps children to learn immersively. Use the buttons below to find out more.

        • Chameleon

          Chameleon is a crime and law education program. Featured on ITV News, and validated by the studies of Bolton University, it helps children around the age of criminal responsibility to make better choices and become responsible citizens.

          Our aim is to take as much work off you by providing services that other data protection officers don't.

          Please click through to our data protection page for a full list of services.

        • Data protection services / DPO

          We offer a UK-based, personal service which includes audits, form filling, redacting, training for staff and so much more. Click below to see everything that is included.

          Sensitive to situations at home, we pro-actively contact late and non-attenders.

          We work with the child, family and school on a mutually-agreed action plan; helping to ensure children are OK, healthy and have suitable support to get back on track.

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School services

Making schools safer so you can educate

We work with you as a true partner, not just a client.
Interesting and impactful activities create a buzz around the school.
Project Chameleon is our flagship crime and law education programme.
School services

Making schools safer so you can educate

We work with you as a true partner, not just a client.
Interesting and impactful activities create a buzz around the school.
Project Chameleon is our flagship crime and law education programme.
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How we can help your school

Global Policing are a team of experts with policing and educational backgrounds who have brought their knowledge and experience together to provide services both nationally and internationally. In the UK our specific specialism is in offering wide-ranging support to schools.

Powerful, revitalising activities

  • Friendly training and support for staff and pupils.
  • We will work with you as a true partner, not just a client.
  • Interesting activities for pupils create a buzz around the school.

Our services for schools

For an overview of our provision for schools please watch our explainer video above.

If you would like to learn more about specific services within our provision then scroll down to find detailed descriptions and downloadable information sheets.

We offer a ten-week behavioural-change project called Project Chameleon, which is run by recently retired police officers.

The project is aimed at those pupils in their latter two years of primary school, and looks at raising understanding of the implications of crime and social awareness of the young people taking part, by getting them to think differently about their behaviour and how it affects others. 

Staff training

We provide training and support packages for teachers and support staff on topics such as Safeguarding, Identification of Aggression, De-Escalation Tactics, Restorative Justice, Identification of Drugs and a large range of other training packages to help your school achieve a safe environment. We also specialise in providing support and training around the Prevent Agenda, helping to identify and prevent students being influenced by extremist views.

Crime-themed action weeks

We provide full weeks of themed action, which is a whole school approach on a specific issue. For example we might be running a week on the subjects of drugs, weapons or bullying, which although would be bespoke to your school, could include: Assembly-based inputs, one-to-one sessions with pupils, teacher training, a full marketing package for the school, hands-on contributions and work groups, parent-support groups and themed classwork with prizes.

Data protection officers

To meet with the General Data Protection Regulations, schools must appoint a Data protection officer, not involved in daily school transactions. We provide remote Data Protection Officers.

School cadets: peer-to-peer (prefects)

This is a training programme looking to support your most gifted and talented pupils, who are to become school cadets (Prefects). It is intended to run this course prior to allocating any pupils the positions as a cadet, and the award for successful completion of the course should be a cadet position within the school.

Gang work

We have experts who can assist schools with gang-related matter, using our policing experience we will help you to deal with and solve current or emerging issues.


Global Policing offers short one day courses on what it means to be a citizen in the UK. As part of the National Curriculum we have an informative and immersive days program that looks at law, democracy, mutual respect for all faiths, beliefs and cultures; exploring the social and moral elements of the young person’s role in the UK as a whole.

Full school safety / security review

Global Policing conducts full security and safety reviews at schools, and provides a list of recommendations. We can even assist you and your school to cost and implement the recommendations.

Independent disciplinary management – 5 Star Repair

We also provide a confidential and independent service to deal with any high-level pupil-related matters concerning misbehaviour and criminal behaviour. Our team of experts can be called in at any time to deal with the matter from start to finish, reporting back to you throughout. For example, if a pupil is violent towards a teacher, we are called in to deal with the matter; we speak to teachers, pupils and parents on your behalf. We work with the pupil both in and out of school, and facilitate a restorative justice process to resolve the matter. The pupil and parents take part in an intervention on the matter, and we provide a report for the school with recommendations for further action.

Independent investigation of complaints

Schools, like any other public service organisations, get complaints from within the school or from external sources such as parents. Global Policing can independently deal with and investigate complaints on your behalf.

Evacuations / invacuations

We write and test your Evacuation and Invacuation policies on behalf of the school as increasingly required by Ofsted. We can even provide evacuation bags for use during these events.

School based (ex) police officers

We provide ex-police officers to attend the school on an agreed basis to assist with behaviour and strategic support for the school.

Independent mentoring

We can provide positive mentors with policing experience to come into school and the local community, to build links and professional relationships with any student at risk of involvement in behavioural and criminal issues. We will work with the young people, schools and families to steer them along the right track. This is aimed at being a longer-term working relationship. This could include those new to the UK who have difficulties with authority figures.

Crime investigations activity

This half day activity turns your pupils into budding investigators, and looks at the role of police investors and how they go about looking at a crime scene. This is a fully immersive activity – we set up a crime scene within the schools’ premises and get the students to take part in a series of tasks that will help them to investigate the crime at hand.

CEO Shane O’Neill spoke to Mike Armiger from Pivotal Education, a multi award winning Education Consultancy working in the UK and Internationally.

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